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Meet Our Team

Simon Phang

Managing Director
“Our mission is to work continuously to be at the leading edge of digital and technological innovation. I am excited to continue growing Bastion to stay relevant and deliver the best quality service and the most detailed and dynamic solutions. This is also very much in line with our motto, ‘commitment is our virtue’. We have the trust and mandate from our customers, and it is crucial that we stay competitive as a value-add for our customers and strategic partners by providing them with quality tailored solutions.”

Eivonz Kon

Admin & Operation Director
“At Bastion, it is not enough that we provide customers with the right products. We need to also deliver solutions that are cost-effective and efficient in meeting both current and future needs. It is in our company’s DNA to understand our customers’ needs, prior to engineering any solution. The project team is equally conscious in working within the stipulated budget.”

Steven Look

Contract Director
“A successful project requires not just a project team of the highest quality, but also, mature management systems and ethical approaches. I believe Bastion has been able to able to expand steadily in size because we do not compromise on providing our customers with state-of-the-art products and services that cater to their individual needs. At the same time, our project team adhere rigidly to safety, environmental and quality policies and procedures from the planning, right through to the commissioning.”

Ng Woei Pinn

Head of Project Department
“I have been working at Bastion since 2013 in project management. Working together is crucial to put the customer at ease. Our task, which begins at inception of consultation, must continue to be of the highest standard from planning and supervision, up to installation, testing and system maintenance. This means we must continuously communicate with one another to ensure we anticipate any challenges that may occur, and quickly address it before it becomes a potential crisis.”

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